My Last Post :(

Hi everyone today you’re going to read my last post of the yearL. The school year is ending and so I’m going to be doing a blog audit or blog review to diploma-152024_960_720remember all the good memories of this blog.

First off I wanted to say that my blog did NOT end up the way I wanted it to, it ended up way better!!! What I mean is that when you are assigned something to do that is not really YOUR style, personalize and change it. Example: You have a post to write on environment and you have to explain the environment and how it’s getting polluted… well write what you do to help the environment.

Sometimes blogs have a reason why they are soooo! Good…

Some people have good blogs because they don’t only do what they are ASSIGNED to do, they do SOME posts that talk about what’s going on, how are the exams, what was the trip they had and etc.

I also wanted to talk about how your blog looks aka mine. The background is important too, I have a sort of rain-bow background and I feel like it gets people’s attention. I just wanted to get that out of the wayJ.

All right now that I talked about the work and improvement of my blog now I’m going to be talking about what my plans were and what I wanted my blog to be about. My plans were to always write creative writings and invent up funny stories but I forgot all about that and wanted to start a new series of “The Monday Vlog Blog“ but it never happened. Then I had an assignment, then we had challenges and wow I`m writing a lot. So those were my plans and what my blog WANTED to be.

Now I have now come to the big finish – the big wrap up of the school year!!!

No just kidding, I`m now going to talk about commenting… Early on in the year there existed a little place on the main page of edublogs. That little place held the best comments received and I never got the chance to win but the comments were so good, beyond my capacity of writing so many words. There are only two rules to this commenting:

Rule 1: Be nice and point out what you think is good and bad.

Rule2: write hello and thank you.

Rule3: write your name at the end… opps I forgot to say that there was actually three rules.

And now for the actual finish and wrap up of this blog post I’m going to be talking about how fun it was to have a blog and to be able to communicate with people around the world! Well… IT WAS AMAZING AND AWESOME!

-Thank you for reading

-Lexie Online

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Etch A Sketch

The Etch a sketch came out in 1960. It is a mechanical drawing toy.

How to use an Etch a sketch.

There are two knobs at the bottom of the toy. The knobs are connected to the stylus wich if you twiste the knobs it creates a line on the screen. The left knob/control creates horizantel lines and the right one creates vertical lines. They used to cost 30$ and now they cost 9$.

When I was about five years old I got my first Etch a Sketch. I was really bad Taj_Mahal_drawing_on_an_Etch-A-Sketchat drawing with it. But it still brings me memories.




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Success Is All Around Us

untitledWhat is success to you?

Success is failure, dreams, fears, art and many more things. It is everything and everywhere.

Sometimes you can learn success by failing. If you don’t succeed at first you can always try again. Never give up!

Most of the time you dream at night but you can also dream in the middle of the day when you are not sleeping. If you conquer that dream, you have made success. But if it is a bad dream, I am very sorry 🙁

Overcoming your fears. For a fear you hade for a long time, overcome it. Not only overcoming a fear feels like you have been released from it but you have also succeded.

Art is sometimes complicated. But once you finishe that specific art that took you for ever  to make. You have maybe done a great job which mean you succeded.

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The Environment


The environment is slowly dying because of pollution. I it causing a lot of damage. The animals are dying as well soon squirrels will start to disappear and dye.recycle

I think what would help is compost which me and my mom are doing. If you don’t know what compost is it is a big basket that you add example banana peels or rotten fruits and vegetables after that you put it outside and it will turn into dirt. Continue reading

The White Tree

Autumn cycling, Rob Gonsalves

One bright moon shot its light through the dead trees. The moon was so bright it made the illusion that the light went through you. Until the moon went away and the sun came up.

Kids were running, biking and playing. Nothing was different or changed until… they looked down. It was as if they were biking on nothing and saw others biking under them not noticing that there was nothing there to support them.

I knocked on it, turns out it was glass unbreakable glass. It was amazing that you could see under you but how. Where did the grass or dirt go? Continue reading

My Favorite Lyrics\ Singer\Song!!

Ariana-Grande-Blonde-HairMy favorite lyrics or song is Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande which is also my favorite singer.

The singer is about being confident and taking control of what you want to do and not have any one else do it for you. The song is also about never giving up.

Some times I’m sad and when I think I am not able to finish some thing or I am able its just I don’t know how, I play the song and it helps me, it makes me confident.

Thank you so much for the great ideas Mr. Chris Hope | AUS.

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I Got Widgets!

If you scroll down my home page you will find on your right widgets! I’m so happy to finally get some on my own.

If you click on the first widget which is named ”Time Difference Between ect” you will see all the comments that we have gotten.

The second one is where we are in this moment.

Shout Out To Gabriella’s Blog!!

1408007351Gabriella’s blog

I find Gabriella or should I say Bella really cool. She always writes like she is talking to you. my favorite post was  go check it out if you want. I also love her free writes. some times she could make mistakes but I’m pretty sure every one does those. This is a Shout out to please visit her site it would mean a lot to her I’m sure.

Thank you

-Lexie Online

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Ruby Holler

1373289363This is a short story about a family of about eleven kids. They have a lot of rules and if you would brake one then you would have to go to the creepy base ment. So first off there are two oldest kids Florida and Dallas and thy are the main characters. one day a family of two grnad parents come to take not steal Florida and Dallas. Planing for some thing big to happened. Da after day the kids learn new stuff and some times nothing oes as plan because Dallas was learning how to cut a tree but he cut the family tree ( the familys favorite tree). And everything is amazing until they have to leave and get separated…

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